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About Us

In contemporary times, African American lawyers in North Carolina have organized to advance the cause of justice for Black People. Today’s North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers traces its roots to the North Carolina Lawyers Association organized in Durham in 1954. The Constitution of that organization was adopted on June 12, 1954.


Message from the President

It is an honor to serve as the President of the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers (NCABL). NCABL was founded in 1954 by pioneers who were committed to advancing justice for Black people. The legacy of this organization is one that is humbling and inspirational. It is my hope that Black lawyers across the State will join me in continuing to proudly carry this torch for NCABL as we work to actualize our vision.

Advancing justice for Black people begins with the empowerment of each other. By cultivating a unified voice and building an impermeable alliance, our potential to effectuate change within our communities and across the state of North Carolina is limitless.



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